Tree of Savior Valentine Event!

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

After that painful Survival Event, Tree of Savior presents a new event following the Valentine’s Day theme: Playing Cupid. Where you need to defeat the dungeon final bosses in order gather ingredients to make a chocolate to exchange a reward.


This event will run from Febuary 14th to March 7th. There’s free item for every chocolate you submit to the designated NPC and another new reward after you reached a certain number of boxes given.Like potions, reset vouchers, abrasive, and scrolls. Surprisingly, unlike the previous events there’s no special Title or headgear.

Since I already have reached the level 290ish and another 328 the Mercenary Mission now gives almost non-existent exp points and it takes 15-30 minutes to complete all three runs. You can only have one random ingredient per run.  Given we (me and my guildmates) rush the 290 dungeon, I can have 6-12 ingredients just by running two of my characters. I guess it’s a pretty good chance to gather and craft choco.

Still this 14 days validity of reward items irks me. Why put time limit in stuff like the Soul Crystal, an item that will revive you when you when your HP goes to zero? Such waste, since not all have characters to level or die frequently. Anyway it’s just that mini complain. I love free stuff anyways so off to dailies. ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ


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