Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior (“TOS”) is an MMORPG in which you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in a world in chaos. Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics will have you savoring every precious moment experienced throughout your gameplay.

I have being playing this game since March last year, CBT2 and still playing as I write this post. Currently 2673 hours spent, so said my Steam account. (Wow, I’m playing that long now but still no maxed level character lol).

So, what lured me to try this game? Graphics. Yes, I didn’t even read the description when my friend introduced and invited me to try this game. Once I saw the pretty visuals, I just said yes.

Upon playing I discovered a few things. Unlike the last game I played Ragnarok Online, it offers two ways to advance this game: to complete quests which you can get EXP Cards to level or the good old method, grind.

Which actually made me happy since I’m the type of player that loves to explore and not stay in one place and run around to kill the same monsters for hours. All maps got nice details and very easy on the ears BGM.

Linaria's Advancement

Tree of Saviors offers different class paths every rank. You can choose one of the first four main class Archer, Cleric, Swordsman or Wizard and take advancement quest every time you reach Class 15. There is a freedom to customize your path but be warned, some classes don’t really got any synergy to other so guides and a little research goes a long way or else you’ll end up struggling playing in the longer run and might end up rerolling a new character.

The world opens up as you level up. Some maps needs a key quest to be accessible or needs certain level so you won’t be one hit ko-ed. There’s also dungeons that you can go to after you meet the required level which can give you a good amount of exp and if you’re lucky a good drop that you can sell or use to make your life a little easier.

ToS also hold events where they give rewards from potions, scrolls, anvils to upgrade your equip, abrasives, and sometimes headgears like now there’s an ongoing Playing Cupid Event following the Valentine’s Day theme like what I said last post.

In Steam this game got mixed reviews. Yes, it’s not perfect. It got bugs and laggy at times. Fixes sometimes takes a few weeks to be noticed and implemented. Some classes need some rebalancing. Definitely got tons of room to improve and grow. But all in all, for me it’s enjoyable that’s why I stay here when I have free time.

Conclusion: I view it as graphics to lure you in but it’s the community to make you stay. This is no Sword Art Online, you’re not Kirito. It’s called MMORPG for a reason and that is to make friends (and occasionally, enemies) to fully enjoy the game. So I recommend this game to anime and manga otaku who got time to spend and play casually. You can even say hi if ever you see me in-game. I’m in server SEA-Telsiai.


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