Rough Sketch Senpai

Rough Sketch Senpai is a manga by Onio about a t sundere delinquent, Megumi Arashi modelling for an artist club member, Seishi Eda to create a masterpiece after school. Where she has to endure the intense stare and silly poses for a couple of hours .

Another one of those “just-because-I’m-bored-so-I’ll-click-randomly” titles discovery on my part because quite frankly ecchi is a genre I seldom touch for hetero pairings. It makes me think of overly blessed chests of high school girls and undie shots. That said, this have those too but Megumi is so cute about her internal struggles and Eda’s obliviousness makes this manga enjoyable that after reading the first chapter I bookmarked it.

The art fits great with the story and show the variation of Megumi’s expression and thoughts while her mind wanders while being sketched by Eda.

The manga currently have 8 chapters scanlated but updating regularly. It is fairly short, just 10 page per chapter. I highly recommend it for those bored people who wants a good laugh.



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